Gnatt chart using gridview

There are lots of dll available in the market to implement Gnatt chart using But the important thing is you can’t use that always as per your requirement and also can’t modify the dll. I was actually facing the same issue and then think about some permanent solution. We all familiar with gridview, and here we can utilize this to generate Gnatt chart.

Gnatt Chart

Compare two same datatable and fetch the missing records

These days LINQ is a very essential to get desired output. Recently I’ve faced one problem where i’ve to compare 2 same datatable and get the missing records from it. After googled I’ve found solution and here is the code snippet

DataTable dt1, dt2;
dt1 = //Fill Datatable;
dt2 = //Fill Datatable;
var matched = from table1 in dt1.AsEnumerable()
join table2 in dt2.AsEnumerable() on table1.Field(“ID”) equals table2.Field(“ID”)
select table1;
var missing = from table1 in dt1.AsEnumerable()
where !matched.Contains(table1)
select table1;
DataTable dtMissing = missing.CopyToDataTable();
int missingCount = dtMissing.Rows.Count;
DataTable dtMatching = matched.CopyToDataTable();
int matchingCount = dtMatching.Rows.Count;

Develop customized dashboard in

Now these days data visualization is an important section of a project. Normally we display data through different dynamic controls like gridview, datagrid, datalist, repeater etc. But these data are not easy to compare with each other. That’s why the dashboard section is introduced which helps to understand data, compare data and many more. In dashboard data can be displayed in various way like pie chart, bar chart, pyramid and many more chart. There are some .net chart controls are available but to make your dashboard faster you need to use HTML5 chart.

I’ve recently worked on dynamic dashboard. I googled and found many results but here in this blog i want to share the HTML5 which i found best among others.  RGraph is one of the best free chart library which can be implemented easily in Various types of chart’s are available in this library. I’ve used this in my project and got a very good response. I’ll post some of my example where I’ve used RGraph to make my dashboard more attractive and more friendly for users.